Doing something right the first time around / by Helen Arase

I have finally stopped complaining and replaced all of the photos here with sRGB colorspace ones.

When I first purchased my domain, I didn't really know about the visual differences on mobile phones and tablets when looking at RGB and sRGB. I think I had my site up and running, semi promoting it to my friends and applying to internships, for about a year or more before I realized everything looked terrible. It was all blue and green if I didn't export it into sRGB and I kicked myself for another year but felt like I didn't have the time or energy to tear down my entire site and replace it. 

Taking the time to learn basics like this (and many others) was something that didn't really happen for a few reasons. But now that I've stumbled through some of this stuff the hard way, learned it through conversations, my own investigating, etc., I feel like I am starting to come into my own confidence when it comes to technology. 

It could be much easier if I were to make photographs and throw them onto the internet willy-nilly. But it's more empowering when I can figure out my own tech or program problems. 

I have a newfound (or deeper) appreciation for the one-man-show photographers and journalists who are out there freelancing or doing any kind of independent project. If you can create all of your content and then figure out how to display it on multiple platforms, troubleshoot, and then some... kudos. 


I still have so much to learn about - and most of it I don't even know that I don't know it - so that's frustrating but also the part that keeps the brain excited and challenged.