Thought I'd post the grad speech... / by Helen Arase

I saw one of my good friends today - Sonora. She went through the photography program at La Verne and took the same courses that I was required to take for my concentration so we became good friends. She and I spent many nights working, laughing and crying. 

We talked about my grad speech and she told me that one of our mutual friends live streamed it. It shouldn't sound out of the ordinary, but I haven't seen or heard from most of the people who I was friends with but graduated before me... this last semester was lonely. 

I never considered that some of these people would still care what I had to say. It's really nice to hear these sort of random people checking in to my life. It's not random, really, but it's a nice reminder that we're not as alone as we may think. 

I have a link for the speech. My dad also filmed it but it is focused on something right in front of him, so it's kind of hard to watch. In this one you don't get to hear the audience's reactions, but that's alright. It's not like they were rolling in the aisles, but a few chuckled. 

The introduction is from my adviser, professor, friend and mentor, Gary Colby. He is absolutely one of my favorite people, ever. If there is one person I credit my motivation and education to, it is him. 

Start at 1:17:30 or so...

If that doesn't work, here's the Vimeo my dad took:

I guess that's it.