Video / by Helen Arase

Being a multimedia or multi-platform journalist is something that I have been somewhat resisting. This is probably a mixture of not wanting to fail at something, knowing where to start, or having the same resources to learn from that I took for granted while in school.

However, I took the Nikon School's video seminar a few weekends ago. It was pretty close to information overload on my brain, but there is no way I could have figured out all of that in one weekend on my own. This is my first step in becoming a multimedia journalist.

I immediately turned around and powered through a super intense application for three days. I flew to Pittsburgh and was sick with the worst cough/cold I've had in years - still a little sick two weeks later. Came back, went to the Society of Professional Journalists' regional conference for the southwest this past weekend and here we are. 

So. Now that we're in the present, I'm going back to applying for jobs and with my free time I'm going to apply what I've learned in the video class to my projects. The week before the video class I was going to buy some portable lighting accessories but now I think I'm going to buy equipment that can be used for both speedlights and continuous lighting.

I am thinking of buying some small LED lights. I see myself making interview-type of videos, pretty intimate, so I don't think I need crazy lights at this time. Also, I'm unemployed so... #budget. The sound equipment is really important so I need to do my research and buy the highest quality stuff for the most affordable prices. 

I am excited to begin filming. I know most of the stuff I start with will probably be super rough but I think that's the nature of teaching yourself something.

My sister graduates from the University of Hawaii this month, so spending a few days there could be some practice time. Aloha new projects and inspiration.