Doing some freelance / by Helen Arase

In the last couple of weeks I have been doing more freelance than usual. I don't freelance often - but recently it seemed like an alright idea to take these jobs while I'm waiting for school to start. 

So I've been in Pittsburgh for the last few days and it's been really nice seeing family. But coming here made me realize how much juggling full-time freelancers have to do to keep their income flowing. There are invoices to be generated, W-9s to be filled out, and people to remind - or harass - for responses, payment or any other thing. 

I brought some camera stuff and had all these plans with my sister to photograph everyone all week but I probably took 10 pictures and carried it around for no reason. Maybe if I were alone to explore I'd use my camera more but we're being shuffled to BINGO games and family events.

I'm glad that when I get back I have a little more than two weeks to get ready for school. I think doing this freelancing all at once has helped get some of that rust off before we do our month-long immersion. J-school here I come.