Hello world! / by Helen Arase

My, my! It has been a while since I've been active here!

USC has been crazy. I can't believe it's already October, but at the same time, it definitely feels like October. 

We have been working like crazy since July and it has not let up. I hope to be able to have some good work to show for myself by December.

I will say though, I feel alright about my midterm. It was totally falling apart and somehow I got it together at the last minute. I didn't take any photos though so that's a little disappointing. It's called "Mental health care and L.A. County jails: Are there resources to rejoin society?" and looks at some reentry services for those coming out of incarceration.

I'm really excited about the spring semester though. I have a crazy workload and am going to be an insane person but I'm ready for it. 

I really like the community here. There is a professor/photographer who is really supportive and seems to think my purpose on earth is to be a mental health reporter. I haven't formed an opinion about it but it's nice that he believes so strongly in us.

I hope to update my website more often. Stay tuned.