Ready for Renovations / by Helen Arase

Renovation needs to happen here... I'm back from Europe and haven't updated my photography or uploaded anything in a while. I need to update my website, apply for jobs and/or internships, start new photo/journalism projects, and generally begin to take the steps for the next stage of my life.

I kept a small journal of everything Sophie, my sister, and I did while we were away. I'm hoping that I can rewrite it here as one of my projects. 

I have a rather large list of things I need to take care of this week - probably in the morning - because this jet lag is worse than when I came back from Asia. Even though my body is generally unhappy with the time change, my brain feels like it's been run over by a train.

So I promise to myself - but mostly and more importantly to those in my book and others who are waiting on me to finish projects - that I will get it all done. Very, very soon. 

These are the keys to the hostel in Budapest. I would like to think that the old and new keys represent some kind of renovation that I'm talking about and I could come up with a clever caption but I have long passed my ability to function.  

I also have to rewrite the intro page. I think I was almost as sleep deprived when I wrote it as I am now. Now - off to a sleep that hopefully won't result in at 1 a.m. wake up.