Looking into the future / by Helen Arase

I have two days of school, and then freedom, indefinitely. I have chosen not to apply to grad programs, language teaching programs, or any of the other things I've considered or said I'd do upon graduation. I want to get out and work.

The option to go do anything is so exciting to me. I could be offered an international job and I could take it - I have no real, permanent strings attached here. No house, kids... I'm free. And I want to chase down every second if it. 

So if I passed my math class, I will be walking at the end if January. Grades don't come out for another 2+ weeks so I'm just going to have to suffer. It was really close, like the skin of my teeth, 50/50, pass/fail kind of close. I still don't know if the stuff I did until the midnight deadline is going to help me. 

I'm going to speak as if I have freedom in January. I want a job. I want a job that is going to make me work hard and challenge me. One that will be tough but have its rewards when I know I've been able to do something. I want to learn. I want to watch, but I want to do. 

I'm not sure what life has in store for me, but I want to find out as soon as possible and learn all the lessons out there for me.

I'm ready to move on.