Sort of under construction by Helen Arase

It's hard to get your life together - reporting for the million stories we're all juggling right now and thinking about/actually applying for jobs - and try to stay sane at the same time.

When I get a second to sit down and do my resume I find myself looking at my website and it's like, "GAH!" I see layouts I wanted to change a year ago but haven't had the time to redesign the pages or start from scratch and find a new template that fits all my presentation desires. Or I have a stockpile of work I'd like to put up but don't feel that I have enough time to do it.

I hope I get to a place where my website is both pretty and functional (for the user and for me to update). Right now I'm not like, super happy. 

With this coding class I've been taking, I've been considering coding my own site. I also know that if I don't have time to throw up photos or a story in a template, I don't have time to code a website from scratch. That's A LOT of work. But, would be super rewarding. 

I have to code the cite of my capstone (thesis reporting project) anyway, so that'll be a good test to see if I have the mettle to code a 10-15 page interactive website. 

All this is to say, I feel like my page is under construction and I don't know what to do about it except kind of complain and slowly update it.

Women's March LA 2018 by Helen Arase

I covered the Women's March in LA today. It was interesting. I'd say the atmosphere was different than last year's too. 

I think last year felt more supportive than this year - not that this wasn't supportive - but it wasn't the main feeling, and felt more jaded and there was a little more anger behind those who were marching. 

I posted a few of them on my instagram. Here's a couple others: