Pushing boxes / by Helen Arase

What does a young journalist do whilst waiting for job-related calls and interviews?


We all need to pay rent and eat. I’ve always felt like a failure for not being employed in my field after graduating from school - twice.

However, I realize that’s totally bratty and people everywhere are doing what they have to do to make ends meet. Many people (read journalists) probably don’t talk about the jobs they do/did when un(der)employed.

I feel good that I’m doing so much. I’m trying. Not just sitting around and waiting for money to magically come to me.

I’m teaching the photojournalism classes at the University of La Verne. Freelancing as a photographer/videographer/journalist. On retainer as a freelance documentarian for a TV station. And I’m working in the backroom of my local Target.

Now I’m not doing all of these things all the time but it’s nice to know I’m out there.

I’m so glad I’ve taken this Target job because it’s actually one of the most fun I’ve ever had. I enjoy the people, the management and the work is better than running around answering questions on the floor. I like that it’s a little more laid-back. I’ve never had to lift more, climb more or had more bruises before, but I’m enjoying myself.

I haven’t broadcasted the Target job because it’s not in my wheelhouse. Obviously this is my journalism website and the internet is forever, but I felt that I should share why I’ve been MIA (I don’t blog much anyway) and what I’m doing to stay active.