Not going to Berkeley / by Helen Arase

So I'm not going to Berkeley's journalism program, and it's a bummer. That was an awesome program - it is an awesome program - it would have been an awesome opportunity.

But the upshot of this is that I spoke with the director of admissions and she told me what kind of candidate they look for and what my app was missing. 

I'm still waiting on the other schools. Some need more info, interviews, writing tests, etc. I have a skype interview tomorrow. 

I went to an Oscars viewing party with Maggie. She's doing some kind of review for AOL and had a plus one. There I met a Mizzou alum - the nicest girl ever - who basically talked me into applying at the last minute. We even asked if she's a recruiter, but she just loved her undergraduate experience that much. The fall deadline has passed, but it's nice they start fall and spring for their two-year program. I think it's a sign, as I was looking at their program's curriculum earlier that day and wondering why the heck I didn't apply...

After telling the universe I was going to grad school in the fall (but then not getting in to Berkeley) I'm putting together the Missouri application, thinking about all the possibilities, trying not to have some kind of crisis because I don't have a plan B. Everyone gets turned down from schools. I just have to wait for the other interviews, information and the rest of the decisions. 

Fingers are crossed and eyes are looking ahead.