Conferences / by Helen Arase

I've been going to conferences for the last few months. If I'm going to be sort of sitting around, I might as well do something productive or inform my brain of something.

I've signed up for AAJA's national conference in Las Vegas. It's four days long and I'm staying in the hotel for three. I've volunteered for four four-hour shifts but hope I can see a little of everything I want to see. 

Three days later I'm leaving for NPPA's Women in Visual Journalism conference in Denver. It's two days, but I've recruited an old photography classmate to road trip with me for four days because flights are super expensive. She wants to see the Grand Canyon so we'll go through Arizona there and back through Utah (because I haven't been to Utah).

I'm excited to do all of this. I'm also on the waitlist for the internship I've been mentioning since April. Everyone in my life (the <10 people I've told about it) has an opinion, but I'm hoping my dad's theory is the closest to being accurate: The office I've interviewed with is low on the priority list for needing their one intern and if enough people decline the internship I could be called upon. Hopefully. TBA if I'll be packing my bags.