Coming home to a full schedule / by Helen Arase

The last six or seven weeks have been pretty busy and not very productive on the job search front. I went through the entire test and interview process for a position at Los Angeles City College, took a video seminar, flew to Pittsburgh, flew to Phoenix, and tomorrow I'll be coming back from eight or nine days in Hawaii.

All of these places sound like vacation - some of it was I guess... I got to unplug my brain for a while - but I had a purpose for each event. 

Now that we're headed home, my sister Sophie and I will tackle fitting three people in a two-person home that already has enough stuff for five. I'm hoping all this productive energy will transfer into photographic projects. 

I'm going to PhotoCon LA next weekend and I'm hoping to be inspired from some of the photographers' speeches and advice. 

My "full schedule" when I'm home is applying to jobs and internships, preparing for the future, and bettering myself. All the "adult" things. I want to start from square one and make sure that whenever I do start my first steps I'm starting off on the right foot. 

All the work and practice I'm doing or could be doing is not going to do me any good if I'm going to trip out of the gate.