Grad school / by Helen Arase

I am applying to graduate schools. Specifically master of journalism or similar programs.

I feel like there were some things I missed or could have gotten more experience in some areas. I really do want to become the best journalist I can be - who doesn't want to learn more about what they're obsessed with? 

I'm looking for something that has a "solid foundation" to start, like where everyone goes through the same reporting classes and curriculum. But I'm also looking for a program that either has concentrations like photojournalism, or has a strong multimedia emphasis that encourages journalists to incorporate one or more specialized skills into their study. 

I didn't plan on applying to graduate school. I was going to go out into the world and work! And then I was going to apply anyway. But then stuck with my original, graduate and out into the workforce I go! Now here we are.

I didn't take the GRE (or plan on it) because there were some programs that didn't need it. And I liked them. But the more research I did into programs that did need a score for the application, I realized I should just take the test so I can apply anywhere. 

I signed up for the GRE, maybe 10 days ago, and took it this morning. So here's my reasoning for being insane. Many deadlines are the beginning of December. You can only take the GRE every 20-something days - it's like 21 or 28 - so if I take it now and totally screw up, I have maybe one more chance to take it in November. I'd at least have an unofficial score or something if I needed it. 

I don't think it was terrible though. I have my unofficial scores for verbal and math from today. The next four weeks will be rife with applications, essays and probably some stress crying.