work Samples for Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Hello Mr. Russell,

I am applying for the two-year photojournalism associate position and would appreciate your consideration.

Feel free to explore the rest of my website, like any of the photojournalism or portraits. Visit my LinkedIn here.

Thank you!

Photography: news, features, Studio Lighting

Program and editing Skills:

Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Audition, Illustrator Certified Associate Premiere Pro

Coding: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Documentary film + photography series

Low and Slow: A look at lowriders

This project is just moving from planning to production. Shooting w/ Sony FS5 for video; will be shooting Nikon for portraits, photo series

This is a rough cut/sneak peek of an interview and filming of Danny D doing fiberglass-work on a trunk lid; three photos of cars


Sports and sports-related features

Baseball, football, injuries and a visit to the Staples Center for an award ceremony